Alexa (was Re: Yoohoo)

Chris Olds (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:51:17 -0700

According to Brewster Kahle, Alexa tracks the choices you actually make,
and how long you stay there. This means that Alexa can see the wrong
turns you make, and mark them as such. I don't know to what level they
apply rules like that, but they should have the data to do quite a bit.
My bit problem with Alexa is that it doesn't give much advice when you
go to a more obscure page (I know, that's a 'Duh!', but I had to figure
it out for myself...), but that's where I most need the help. It
probably will tend to track flocking on the net, but it can be pretty
useful for moderately popular sites that relate to what you're looking
for, since you can see which links other people tend to use next.