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I wish I could remember: . . .


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<< Well I can see that we'll see parodies of this site for years (well,
internet years) to come.

Come and meet Diane and Mike, two 23 year old "Honor" "students" who have
recently "graduated" from "college", and are looking forward to starting
their own commercial web site. They are as close to being "typical
All-American" kids as you can get. Active in school and church. Well liked
by family, friends, and their community - but when it comes to
mission-critical applications, they are both virgins. Their lives are going
to change in a unique and dramatic way. They are about to leave the safety
of youth, accept the challenges of adulthood, and take that frightening ...
but lucrative, step of trying to patch together a pile of broken software
into something that works (at least some of the time). There's one big
difference...they are going to let the world come along and witness their
lives over a 18 day period as this adventure unfolds -- every blue screen,
every corrupted filesystem, every lost customer -- as they install NT and
IIS, call Microsoft support, scramble to try to understand the cryptic
writings of MSDN and TechNet, and generally, lose their innocence together

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