Re: Netscape 4.5

Terence Sin (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:59:51 +0500

May I bitch for a moment? This is only relevant for the fortunate fews
on the Wintel platform. Since version 4.04 or so Netscape have bundled
the stupid AOL Instant Messenger program and made it load on boot-up
without asking for permission. The only way to disable this program is
through an obscure switch in the config panel. If it's indeed true that
most people don't even know how to change the default homepage in their
browser, then they have basically installed a virus with every copy of

Bundling is one thing, but loading a program by default and conveniently
hiding the disable switch is a cheap tactic. Especially when said
program is not integrated with the browser in any way, shape or form,
and a complete eyesore to boot.

This ain't no value-add, it's an outright screen-grab.

ps. the "What's Related" feature is the Alexa surf-engine that I was
talking about a few days ago.