Re: Web Diaries. Also, more on bits, vision, and clue.

Roy T. Fielding (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 02:28:12 -0700

>I truly no longer believe that the Web is a distributed object system in
>any general sense of the word "object": it is well-suited to particular
>kinds of objects. I do believe that the Web does an extremely good job
>of doing what it set out to do -- evolvable interoperability of
>distributed hypermedia at the Internet-scale -- and that its ongoing
>history holds several crucial nuggets of wisdom with the potential to be
>applicable to any other system that wants to lay claim to being

Speaking of nuggets ...

Life is a distributed object system. However, communication among
humans is a distributed hypermedia system, where the mind's intellect,
voice+gestures, eyes+ears, and imagination are all components.

If you can explain why the above is true (or show that it is false),
then you are ready to understand (and fix) the Web design.

Something to think about when not thinking about what you are supposed
to be thinking about.