Life is DOS Re: Web Diaries. Also, more on bits, vision, and clue.

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Fri, 17 Jul 98 07:59:26 -0700

> Speaking of nuggets ...
> Life is a distributed object system. However, communication among
> humans is a distributed hypermedia system, where the mind's intellect,
> voice+gestures, eyes+ears, and imagination are all components.
> If you can explain why the above is true (or show that it is false),
> then you are ready to understand (and fix) the Web design.

Either that's easy, or I don't understand it at all.

Communication is the pickled state we transmit between actors. It is
essentially 'data' with no 'behavior.' Thus, it matches a hypermedia
system. It is essentially stateless.

Life, of course, is about behavior (reproduction & growth being the
classical definition). That is why it needs to be modeled by object
systems (or is that vice versa).

Bosons and Fermions, if you will.

-- Ernie P.