Re: Is this for real?

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:10:01 -0400

Robert Harley wrote:
> >Is this for real?
> Of course not. If those two are virgins, I'm the Dalai Lama.
> Look at the URL the "Enter" button points at: teaser2a.shtml
> Standard porn site name. Check out the keywords:
> >sex, teen, virgin, virginity, obscene, taboo, Live, student, condom,
> >condomania, safe, deviant, purient, nude, minister, church,
> >voyeur,forbidden, tasteless, gross, naked

A tangled Web for virgins

- - - - - -

information has
surfaced that suggests the Our
First Time Web site
-- on which a pseudonymous
couple of
18-year-olds have announced
their intention to
lose their virginity live on
the Net in three weeks --
is not what it claims to be.

The phone number provided by
site creator Oscar
Wells to the Internic database,
which catalogs all
domain name registrations, is
identical to the
phone number provided to
Internic from an actor
and aspiring filmmaker named
Ken Tipton.

Besides the phone number,
Tipton has other
connections to Wells and the
Our First Time site.

Tipton is a co-founder of
M.O.V.I.E., a Web site
dedicated to helping finance
independent film
projects, which was accessible
until late Thursday
afternoon. Also listed in the
site's "founders"
section is attorney Mark Vega
of the Los Angeles
firm Daniels, Baratta & Fine.
Vega describes his
work in his bio as
"represent[ing] independent
filmmakers who are pursuing
their dreams. I only
take the clients I like with
projects I like and am
150 percent committed to the
spirit of independent
films." Vega is also the legal
counsel for Oscar
Wells and Our First Time's site
host; he was
quoted extensively in the
Reuters story on Our
First Time, but has not
returned multiple phone
calls from Salon. Neither has
Tipton -- whom we
attempted to reach at the same
phone number
from which Wells had previously
returned our

Soon after Salon left messages
for Tipton, the
entire M.O.V.I.E. Web site
disappeared from its
directory and is no longer on

Another connection between
Wells and Tipton can
be found in old Usenet
postings. The domain
name Tipton is registered for
-- the one that shares
Wells' phone number -- is (the
site exists but has no

Hit URL for rest of story. Might be fun to watch, but certainly not
legit (IMNSHO).

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