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Jay Thomas (
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Tim Byars wrote:
> -> > Monitoring Americans by I.D. and
> -> > Federal Database

Looks like the Feds won't need a database to track us, they'll just
have to force Cell rates lower so every American has one...

FBI seeks access to cellphone locations - NYT

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The FBI has asked a Senate committee to add
language to a Justice Department appropriations bill
to require phone companies to provide police with the precise
locations of cellular phone users, the New York Times reported

Quoting civil liberties groups, the newspaper said that FBI Director
Louis Freeh met last week with members of the Senate
Appropriations Committee about the proposal. The paper said Freeh
asked that the locations be provided without a court
order in certain "emergencies."

Those would include the suspicion of a felony, the pursuit of a
fugitive or cases where human safety is deemed to be in

The paper quoted FBI officials as saying that the agency needed to
keep up with rapidly changing technology that was
confounding law enforcement agencies.

Attorney General Janet Reno is scheduled to meet Friday with Federal
Communications Commission Chairman William
Kennard to make the case that such legislation is needed if the agency
is to keep up with evolving technology that allows
criminals to use mobile phones to avoid detection.

Civil liberties groups and the telecommunications industry have begun
marshaling opposition to the proposal, the newspaper

Privacy advocates say it is a dangerous and unconstitutional invasion
of privacy, and the telecommunications industry predicts
that implementing such a law would cost billions of dollars.

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