Re: [BITS] Sex on the Brain, Deborah Blum

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 13:49:30 -0700

> Gorilla penises average 1.25 inches. "So why, exactly, does a human
> male need five inches or greater? somewhere in our past, this was a
> threat display [speculation]"

July 98 Popular Science has a photograph and story entitled
'Why worms fight over sex'. They show two worms
with fully erect penis things trying to poke each others
eyes out. I was laughing because the worms I dissected
in high school biology didn't have a) peni, b) eyes,
c) the means to poke their eyes out despite the
old wives tale they tell high school aged women
as a warning for not having oral sex.

Take a look at the photo next time you are
at a magazine rack in a bookstore, but not at
Crown books. They are ready to file Chapter 11
as early as tomomrrow which means I have to get
off my ass and use my $150 worthy of graduation
gift certificates I have saved up from 3 different