Joey's First Programming Language [was: RE: [BITS] Sex on the Bra

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:41:50 -0700

Thanks, Tom, I feel better now.

But here's the real question. What programming language should Joey learn
first? He's 6 1/2, and he wants a faster computer (he currently has a P/75),
and I've told him that I'll get him one once he learns how to program.

BASIC? No, I can't do that to him.

Pascal? Just too ancient a language. Plus, Microsoft doesn't make a Pascal
compiler any more.

Let's not talk about LOGO.

Really, the candidates in my mind are Java and C++. I suppose Java is the
more politically correct choice. But I'm worried about it hiding too much
(e.g. with garbage collection), whereas in C++, you can drill down and
actually see how auto_ptr<T> works. Besides, I suspect C++ will long outlast

So, I'm probably going to go with C++. Unless y'all can talk me out of it
(and offer a better alternative).

- Joe (feeling fegmanic-depressive today)

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