[QUERY] Lowball PC

Ian Andrew Bell (belli@bctel.ca)
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 16:29:38 -0700

Time to retire my Pentium Pro/166. I built it myself and used this big
ugly case with too many fans so it's waay noisy, on the premise that I'd
be able to use it over and over again as I churned thru
Newer/Faster/Better chips.

Well, those bastards at Intel not only changed socket dimensions for the
chip, so I'd have to buy a new motherboard, but also the dimensions on
the motherboard have changed, so I can't use my big ugly case (tm).

Anyways, I wanna build my own PC again and I thought you Kalifornia-ites
might know a good place where I can mail order my dream components and
pay for them in happy American Kopecs. For cheap.

In the meantime I'll continue trying to convince my mother that, despite
its ugliness, the 166 won't blow up if I turn off a fan or two to reduce
the noise. I think I'll burn Mom for about $600 for it. (Hmm... should
I NOARCHIVE this post?).

* Bonus love at FoRKCon Vancouver (October) for anyone who finds a
skookum black case!

Ian Andrew Bell belli@bctel.ca
BC TEL Interactive (604) 482-5708

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