Hiya (aka subscribe)

Jesse (jrvincent@wesleyan.edu)
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 19:21:35 -0400

Hiya, I'm jesse. I've just made it though my first week at the dread
pirate Gates' Redmond stronghold. At Lisa's suggestion, I'm throwing
myself to the mercy of the denizens of FoRK. Let's see: I just
graduated from Wesleyan University in middle-of-nowhere-town, CT.
After a harrowing week on the road, I'm now the proud owner of one (1)
plush stuffed Jackalope and a much greater appreciation for living on
a coast--where there is something other than open-plains. I'm working
on Instant Messaging here at MS. In another life, I was/am a unix
sysadmin and security geek who wouldn't dream of running a Microsoft


jesse reed vincent -- jrvincent@wesleyan.edu -- jesse@fsck.com 
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pretty soon we're going to HAVE to have hypertext mail!
				--Tim Berners Lee. (8 Jan 1993 on www-talk)