RE: Yet another reason to love Microsoft

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 22:30:23 -0700

There's an even better reason to love Microsoft: Microsoft hires employees
who, for no reason at all, post Butthole Surfer lyrics to FoRK.

Well, there is a reason. The reason is to let you know that you should buy
EVERY bhs album and listen to them repeatedly until the truths contained
within are permanently and irreversibly embedded in your mind.

Creep in the Cellar

Oh there's a creep in the cellar that I'm gonna let in
There's a hole in his brain where his mind should've been
When he starts talkin' backwards your head starts to spin
And he really freaks me out when he peels off his skin, yow!
Oh there's a creep in the cellar with his hands in the air
And he lies to his mother but she doesn't care
When the fists are flying backwards and the ballroom is bare
Cause the turkey's talkin' backwards, it'll raise up your hair
Oh there's a creep in the cellar that I'm gonna

I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas

Ten foot tall and the nurse stuck a needle in my arm
Well Uncle Doc's nurse use a needle with ungodly charm
Walkin' down the hall the dentist loomed through the door
I Saw an X-Ray of a girl passing gas
The one shot theory got a query things got rolling at last
Hey, hey hey daddy, why die in the war
Jesus Hitler Buddha Santa Mary Klaus Barbie
Well Ben got arrested and the sky was the ocean that day
Words got twisted and history didn't know what to say
God dog sex death life and now I'm feeling old
These images were conjured up by talking on the telephone
I Saw an X-Ray of a girl passing gas
Oh my God it seems like just the other day
But it might have been one hundred years before
And I know there is no other way
We only have to wonder what it's for

Joseph S. Barrera III