RE: Missing [VOID] post

Joe Barrera (
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 10:22:17 -0700

> 1. Remember, trust in yourself, trust in CobraBoy, kill everyone else
> 2. The voices are your friends, trust the voices
> 3. They are all out to get you
> 4. Never trust a pigmy with a spear
> 5. God wants you to give all your money to CobraBoy

Oh, and one more thing. If I'm only to trust in myself and CobraBoy, then
presumably that means I should not trust in God - so just because God wants
me to give all my money to CobraBoy, why should I care?

I lied. One last thing. A Koan. If CobraBoy garages his Cobra and starts
driving a Pathfinder, does he still have the CobraBoy-nature?

- Joe