Re: Missing [VOID] post

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 13:39:09 -0700

> > 1. Remember, trust in yourself, trust in CobraBoy, kill everyone else
> driving a Pathfinder, does he still have the CobraBoy-nature?
One's a project, the other's a lifestyle.
Black and white. I got to take a gander and even
sit in the driver's seat of the Pathfinder. Batman
window, truly a huge barrel speaker, amps galore
under the carpeting. Sleek and black. The
Cobra's white.


The first 5 things I am going to buy
when I win the CA lottery, a Viper, a Ferrari,
a Corvette, a Hummer, and the hangars at
El Toro to keep my collection in.