Re: Being 23, in the FoRKa's Paradise.

Tim Byars (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 07:09:43 -0700

At 10:19 PM -0700 7/19/98, Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar came up with this:

> For my part, this reflects what I now believe (or at least hope) to be a
> psychological realignment of my own. For a long time, I made decisions
> - almost artificially - to support the external persona(s) of "Dr.
> Ernie" - Christian, Counselor, Scientist, etc. However, I feel like the
> last few years my 'personal demons' have gotten their revenge, and in the
> process exposed much of the hypocrisy and falseness of all of those
> roles.

Somehow you guy's have taken the stance that life is some sort of fixed
state. That Rohit is release 1.0 and needs to be fixed because it isn't
performing up to spec.


Life at it's best is fluid and dynamic. Those that lived in a fixed state
were called dinosaur's. Well all know that story. I spent Saturday night
with Rohit, even though he doesn't seem to want to write it up, we had a
blast doing pretty much of nothing in a three mile radius. And again I'll
state what I see. Rohit is doing just fine. Rohit is taking it all in.
Except this time it isn't coming from a black cube with a book on
programming. Rohit is in much better shape than you think. He choses to
write up his [VOID] posts about his soul searching to this group. He (or at
least what I see) isn't only about sitting on an empty beach at sunrise
feeling sorry for himself. He is a little brighter than that.

So as someone that has seen people in crisis, (remember one of my best
friends is sitting in L.A. County jail right now) and being a pretty damn
good judge of character, I say leave the boy alone and let him be.


Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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