Re: The Irvine (Stepford) Wives

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 15:53:38 -0700

They forgot to mention, that at the beginning of next
year all business leases will be set at an artificially flat
rate of $4.00 a square foot compared to the $1.75-$2.75 it is now.
Even a 10th story floor in Fascist Island overlooking Balboa
is only $2.40/square foot now. Even better, UCI's on campus
research park, open only to those exclusive companies
working with on campus research labs, goes for about $2.15.

Why the raise in prices? Supply and Demand? No, it's all
part of the master plan.


> [Irvine is growing, but The Economist is not impressed with "The Master
> Plan"--johnboy]
> Firms are lured to Irvine, California, because it is an immaculately
> controlled environment. It is also a little bit sinister .