Down to South Park

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 13:07:44 -0700

Iguana announced South Park Deathmatch for
Nintendo 64. In a Turok 2 meets South Park,
Greg says WTFO?

Acclaim recently announced that
Iguana, the maker of Turok:
Dinosaur Hunter and the
upcoming Turok 2: Seeds of Evil,
is bringing a game version of the
popular cartoon series South Park
to the Nintendo 64.

Acclaim explained that South Park
64 is a 3D first-person shooter and
runs on an altered version of the
Turok 2 engine. It arrives later this
year, as Acclaim puts it, "in time for
Christmas." was treated to a video
"concept" presentation of South
Park 64 which reveals what Iguana
wants the final product to look like.
Assuming the end product appears
anything like the preview, South
Park 64 could be a very unique and
humorous shooter -- exactly what
fans of the series are no doubt
hoping for.

It wasn?t hard to visualize the
title?s potential. Imagine a
first-person 3D view of the action a
la Quake, or more fittingly, Turok.
Some of Iguana's ideas for
weapons include snowballs, Mr.
Hankey, and a cow gun. If it makes
it into the game, players shoot a
whole cow into the air which then
barrels down on an opponent?s
head. Not too bad, right? Take a
guess what part of the cow?s body
an opponent?s head gets stuck in.
If you're starting to feel queasy,
then you guessed right.

The game, of course, is still
extremely early on in its
development, but Acclaim confirms
that it's a polygon-based 3D
shooter and features a four-player
deathmatch mode. Judging from
Iguana?s technical background
and the fact that the Turok 2 engine
is being used, we can also assume
that the game looks brilliant, despite
the series? cardboard cut-out
animation routines. It?s going to be
interesting to say the least.

We?ll have more soon.