Re: FW: ACP launches multimedia ad campaign for privacy!

David Crook (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:24:46 -0700

Actually some of their slogans are pretty good, I like the banner add with..

"Would you trust the government with a spare key to your house?"

It seems to sum up the issue pretty nicely.

Dave "They can have my private key when they pry it from my cold dead
fingers" Crook

At 04:10 PM 7/23/98 -0700, Dan Kohn wrote:
>A computer lobbying organization financed by Microsoft and others has
>retained the PR firm that did the famous healthcare Henry and Louise ads
>("Honey, the government wants to take away our choice of doctors") to
>create a nearly identically-themed ad for encryption. While I agree
>with the content, I find the ad vaguely hilarious, and do not see my
>mother getting excited about the issue.
> - dan

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