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Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 23 Jul 98 22:13:43 -0700

I wanted to FoRK this, mostly because it was a good chance to brag about
my Uncle. He was my first relative to go to MIT, and I've always
thought of him of as much of a role model as I've ever had. He does
management consulting on economic development, mostly for the Indian
government. He was very approving of my move to Apple to work on
NeXTSTEP. I've often thought that, if I had the stomach for it, I should
go to India to work for him for a year or two.

I may sign up just to hear what he's up to.

-- Ernie P.

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We are currently working on the design and construction of a special
purpose GIS for grass roots workers involved in Micro Watershed Planning.
To help us collect, collate and improve ideas, I have been able to create
an e-mail list for this purpose on FINDMAIL.

If you'd like to be a Member and to receive messages, etc., please send an
e-mail to:

No subject or message text is needed.


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