Re: [TRAVELPEOPLE] San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Vancouver, Oh

Ian Andrew Bell (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:05:08 -0700

Rohit Khare wrote:

> Once there, SaL's going to head to Vancouver, and I (+ perhaps Adam)
> will go up as well on Tuesday night, returning Wednesday, also on
> Alaska Airlines, at 8:30PM back to SJC, whence we will finish driving
> back to LA.

Okay, okay.

MY suggestion is Mexican Food (because I feel like it and Sangria is the
PERFECT way to drink away a delightful hot evening in July). FYI,
Tuesday is the evening of my 27th birthday.

Here's the details:
The Topanga Cafe
2904 W 4th Ave. @ MacDonald,
Vancouver, BC
604 733-3713

Map Info URL:


If you're driving to Vancouver, come North from the Blaine border
crossing on Highways 99 & 91, following the signs to Vancouver. The Oak
Street Bridge will take you over the river and into Vancouver down Oak
Street (of course!) and eventually you'll run into 4th Avenue. Turn
Left onto 4th Avenue and go West until you cross MacDonald, and there's
yer restaurant.

I'll leave the number listed below forwarded to my mobile phone the
whole week. If I'm late then there are only two possibilities:

1) I missed the Ferry back from the Gulf Islands, where I will be
Kayaking until Tues. evening.
2) Some Killer Whale decided I was a pretty tasty morsel and ate me
(see above).

In either case, more Sangria will help.


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