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How beautiful is this?

> My name is Deborah and I am with a non-profit organization by the
> name of Nacel Open Door. We are a very reputable exchange
> organization that places students in host homes in the United States.
> We need your help because we are at a point where we have
> 300 students left and three weeks to place them.

There is a God.

> We are looking for good, clean, stable, caring, moral environments
> for our students to live in for a year or semester beginning the 21st
> of August. Traditional or non-traditional families with or without
> children may apply. Singles may also apply if your specific
> situation meets our requirements of supervision for the student.

Sounds like if you have a roof you qualify.

> All you have to provide is a bed and food for the student and it should
> cost you nothing. The students come with ample spending money to pay for
> their expenses. Students have good English abilities and can function in an
> American High School.

I have a bed, food, and substantial amounts alcohol for the right student.

> We take care of securing the space for the student at the High School and
> speaking with you and your student on a monthly basis at a minimum.
> Students may share a room with a same sex sibbling and the relationships that
> are
> formed are life-long.

High School? Share a room with same sex? It get's better all the time...

> We have students from Europe, Asia, South America, and the former Soviet.
> They are students from sterling families and are normally never a problem.

1 large breasted female from South America, or 2 slutty sisters from the
former Soviet.

> I have hosted 22 and have not had a problem with one of them. My family
> become so enriched by the experience that IO am very happy that I became
> involved with the organization 10 years ago. If your child is studying
> language the experience that this provides them is as good as actually living
> in another country.

Wait, 10 years and 22 chickies? Sign me up.

> I know that we all have very busy schedules and taking on one more
> responsibility
> would seem impossible. I am the owner of a private school and I never
> that
> I could fit it into my schedule but I am so glad that I did. My first
>was from
> Croatia and
> he has become my son. I have travelled to visit his parents and they have
> travelled
> to visit us. We have become an international family and have benefitted
> from
> the experience.

Oh I can make plenty of time for "enriching experiences" for the little tramps.

> We cannot offer you any monetary rewards for offering your home but we are
> prepared
> to say thank you by entering your name in a drawing for one $1000
> for every
> ten families that host from this email. If you cannot use a scholarship for
> your child to
> travel on one of our programs then we will put your name in a drawing for
>a pair
> of
> international air tickets to travel to the country of the student that
>you host.
> Depending upon the response that we receive from this email, we may offer
> international air tickets.

Oh I wouldn't think of taking money for my efforts.

> There are some restrictions that apply to the travel dates, and we need some
> advance
> notice of when you want to travel but that will all be explained to you in
> detail.

yeah, yeah, yeah

> If you are interested in more information about our program then please
> me
> via email or you may call me directly at 888--542-6366. If you have to
>leave a
> voice mail,
> I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can visit our website and
> send a request
> for more info from there. <A HREF="">
> Click here to visit our site , ...................... </A>
> I know that this plea will not fall on deaf ear because the American
>people are
> warm,
> giving and caring people.

Oh I'm warm, I'll give as much as she will take and she'll go home with new
talents learned in America. I promise.

> If you are just interested in finding more out about
> this program
> feel free to contact us, you are under no obligation and there will be no
> pressure to do
> this. This has to be right for you for it to be right for the student.
>But I
> can assure you that
> if you do decide to do this that you will not be sorry you did. If the
> situation just does not
> work for you then you are not committed for the entire year or semester. We
> will be the
> safety net to take responsibility for the student and move him to another

Hell I'm not sorry I received this e-mail. Wait, HIM???? WTF is this HIM shit?

> I thank you for the time that it took to read this email. I hope that I will
> get an opportunity
> to speak to each and everyone of you, and that you have as wonderful of an
> experience
> that I have.
> Warmest regards,
> Deborah


You horny slut. 22 young boys in 10 years. You should be ashamed of
yourself. You disgust me.



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