Joe Barrera (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 22:53:09 -0700

Looks like I blew my chance to see Bauhaus play again (!) in SF July 17/18,
at least according to <>

Interviewing sucks. MS2 fell through and net-it (today's interview) and I
didn't really hit it off.

Bonuses and raises aside, I'm feeling really unhirable and undesirable.
Which probably isn't very rational.

And the interns in our lab are making me feel really old. I mentioned some
80's song to one of the interns, and he said it reminded him of elementary
school. Sigh.

I'm busy teaching myself Perl (finally). I keep forgetting the semicolons.
It just doesn't seem like a language that should use semicolons. It looks
too much like csh.

Why is DCOM/Remote Automation/MIDL/ATL/MFC/VB/etc. such a messed up pain in
the ass? Everything is *almost*, but not quite, capable of talking to
everything (anything) else. I mean, I know what the answer is - Microsoft is
not a company, it's just a federation of smaller companies who are all each
other's own worst competition - but boy is it frustrating to deal with the
resulting mess.

I'm really depressed, and unfortunately so is Juliet, at exactly the same
time. A bad combination.

Well, the one bright spot recently is my discovery that TRIO (a DSS TV
channel) shows North of 60, a Canadian show that I've sorely missed ever
since moving from WA. (See <> and <> My favorite character, of course, is Sarah Birkett,
played by Tracey Cook. ( <> ).

> Cook knows exactly where Sarah's coming from. "Sarah was guided by her
belief that being in control was
> her main strength," says Cook. "It wasn't. It was actually her weakness
and it caused her breakdown."

I could go on and on about her and the show, but I really ought to go to
bed. I've not been sleeping well and I'm quite tired. How many of the rest
of you wake up in the middle of the night, every night, screaming and
yelling and hitting?

Pretty God Damn Sick Of It All,

- Joe