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Lisa Dusseault (lisadu@exchange.microsoft.com)
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Rohit suggested I fork these restaurant recommendations. There are also
some good eastside and downtown restaurants I've tried.

So Rohit did you try one (or more) of these restaurants?

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I don't eat pizza often, so I can't recommend any pizza places. However, in
case this helps, here is the list of the best restaurants I've sampled in
the west-side communities (not counting down-town). All are quite
affordable, except Gordito's, which is extremely affordable.

Janny's Curry House, 1411 N 45th St, Wallingford: some of the HOTTEST curry
dishes I've ever had, which also taste very good. We had to beg the waiter
to let us try a five-star dish, because they didn't want to hurt their
customers. I could only eat one bite of that dish myself (even though I
regularly meet the man). Two-star is much better for normal hot-food-loving

Chile Pepper Restaurant, 1427 N 45th St, Wallingford (Next door to Janny's):
great family-atmosphere , not-a-chain Mexican restaurant. We spent 15
minutes once talking to the woman who served us, trying in our poor Spanish
and her halting English to convey that we wanted the recipe for her
excellent salsa.

Siam on Broadway, 16 Broadway E, Capitol Hill: open kitchen, good thai

Coastal Kitchen, 429 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill: Nice atmosphere, lots of
art, good seafood.

Chutneys Grille on the Hill, 605 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill: Great Indian
food (but not nearly as hot as Jan's), also locations in Wallingford and on
Queen Anne

Araya's Vegetarian Place, 4732 University Way NE, University District: Thai
food with lots of vegetarian and vegan options

Ciao Bella, 5133 25th Ave NE, University District: Schmaltzy decor and music
to go along with hearty Italian food. Rather romantic in a corny way, or is
equally a great family-style place.

Gordito's, 213 N 85th St, Green Lake: CHEAP mexican food, HUGE portions,
very tasty. A $2.50 fish taco is a full meal for me.

Julia's in Wallingford, 4401 Wallingford Ave N : I usually go there for
GREAT brunches, but I've been there for dinner too and the food is still
great. Cafe-style.

After dinner: Try Teahouse Kuan Yin, 1911 N 45th St Wallingford, for
excellent teas. Eric once had the chrysanthemum tea, which he enjoyed so
much he started precessing. Or for chocolate overdose try the
double-chocolate ephemere shake at Dilettante Chocolates, 416 Broadway E in
Capitol Hill.

Of course, if you're on an expense account I have a whole 'nother list of
restaurants to recommend, like Anthony's, Pescatore, Metropolitan Grill,
Dahlia Lounge, Wild Ginger...


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[...] I'm in town right now, but I don't think
I have much spare time. However, we have been recommended to try out Mad
Pizza in Fremont, which is near your neck of the woods. Any votes?