Re: Comical buys out for... $3.35M?!

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 20:05:02 -0700

> > over the domain name address, Compaq Computer opted
> > to simply pay him $3.35 million for it. Marshall has had his company,
> On the Internet, nobody knows you're an idiot.

You betcha. had some info about
this guy who thought he'd be rich by registering
I sent him eamil telling him that they already have
the whole top level domain of .ye and that Yemen
wasn't a commercial entity. I think we should
scrap the whole domain naming and just map keywords.
Maybe it's time to introduce another network layer,
perhaps we can call it the idiot layer.

Take for instance the link off the fork-faq

Who'd a thunk that those braniacs at Cal Tech would
rename their web server from csvax to www thus breaking
even the most brilliant of mind's faq. A fork-faq
is a shinning example of a faq. It is a social and
contractual agreement to spread tounge-in-cheek enlightenment
amongst the unwashed masses. Heck, if the shinning faq
on the hill can't even provide a shinning example in the
face of organizational evolution, perhaps we are doomed
to create our own demise. After all, I, being human,
was smart enough to figure out that the network error
and server down or unreachable error was simply in
the renaming. Try telling AltaVista that. They
still think +"Adam Rifkin's FoRK FAQ" is on csvax.