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Tim Byars (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 08:45:29 -0700

Time Magazine reports an interesting case of
high-tech graffiti. It seems that a couple of Intel
engineers working on the design of a recent version
of the Pentium microprocessor included a message
that describes their feelings about Bill Gates,
president of Microsoft, a good corporate pal of

When a portion of the Pentium chip is examined
under a powerful scanning electron microscope, the
phrase "bill sux" is clearly visible, etched into
the surface of the chip. The "flaw" in the chip was
only discovered by accident well after the chip was
released into the market, too late for Intel to
prevent the chip from being used in the manufacture
of tens of thousands of PCs.

Intel says that both engineers responsible were
former employees of Motorola, makers of the chips
that are the heart of the Apple Macintosh.

Both engineers have since been fired by Intel. Full
picture at


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