Re: Drudge and List Management

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 11:08:57 -0700

Re: the ACTUAL press club bits.

Wow! Good bits, definitely the story-behind-the-story. Cool find, JohnBoy...
That's why FoRK exists...

NOW THEN, let us turn to the matter of list management. I'm sorry CobraBoy,
but I specifically ORDERED you to reply privately, and you went and triggered
the same damn insipid discussion thread that always surfaces on this issue. I
don't need to hear the rambling unfolding of 'oh! what will befall my
FoRK!?". I wanted a poll. Period.

FIRST, there will be no closing of the archives. FoRK is as much performance
art as therapy. I know a lot of social clubs on the Net; there are millions
more in every bar and dorm room. This is not one of them.

SECOND, there is no rule but the first. I know this puts everything out in the
sunshine, and thus wilts the dark cabbage of unrefined VOX-like splimmage in
the day, but that's precisely what I want. I'd like to see what happens over
the years.

I'm still investigating the technology details.


PS. The archive has now passed 9,000 messages...