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More KUCI-spam. KUCI is having their fund drive this week...

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KUCI top 30, 6/1/98
A change of power! Read the other message I'm sending...

1) V/A: Loraine (Peach)
2) Jessica Baliff: Even in Silence (Kranky!)
3) Lycia: Estrella (Projekt)
4) Joan of Arc: How Memeory Works (Jade Tree)
5) The Queers: Everything's OK ep (Hopeless)
6) Diamanda Galas: Malediction and Prayer (Mute)
7) Miranda July: The Binet-Simon Test (Kill All Rock Stars)
8) The Body Lovers: One of Three (Young God)
9) Pointless Orchestra: Approaching Totality (Without Fear)
10) Le Mans: S/T (Grimsley)
11) Godspeed You Black Emperor!: f#a# (Kranky)
12) V/A: Selector Dub Narcotic (K)
13) Negativland: Happy Heroes (Seeland)
14) Soul Whirling Somewhere: Hope Was (Projekt)
15) Damon and Naomi: Playback Singers (Sub Pop)
16) V/A: Ant-Hology (Ant-Zen Records)
17) DJ Cam: The Beat Assassinated (Inflamable)
18) Cradle of Filth: Cruelty and the Beast (Mayhem)
19) Creeper Lagoon: I Become Small and Go (Nicklebag)
20) Keiji Haino/Loren Mazzacane Connors: Vol. 2 (Menlo Park)
21) V/A: Pretty in Pop (Endearing Records)
22) Calexico: The Black Light (Quarterstick)
23) Bob Hund: Ett Fall & en Losning EP (Silence)
24) Major Stars: The Rock Revival (Twisted Village)
25) Technicolor: One Touch Test Strip (Fuzzy Box)
26) John Wesling Harding: Awake (Zero Hour Records)
27) Ivoux: Frozen (The Federation)
28) Arab Strap: (Sub Pop)
29) Arch Enemy: Stigmata (Century Media)
30) Mekons: Me (Quarterstick)

Pointless Orchestra: Approaching Totality (Without Fear)
Our Glassie Azoth:: Euterpe Sequence (Camera Obscura)
Epectir: Infection (Epectir)
Junior Varsity: Taking Care of You (Darla)
DAAU: We Need New Animals (Sony Classical)

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