Geek pride

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Wed, 3 Jun 98 19:40:16 -0700

I'm not sure Wired really understands True Geekdom, but this is a pretty
good summation...


Introducing Geek Screens
by Jon Katz

3:10pm 2.Jun.98.PDT

Geekness is an attitude, a value system, an expression of
outsiderness. For many of us, it's also the fuzzy point where
technology, politics, and popular culture come together.

The idea of geekness is controversial, confusing. For years, it has
meant a freak or worse, something ungainly, outside the tent, something

Increasingly, and especially on the Web, the term geek has come to
mean something else, something neat, assertive, and increasingly
positive. To me, it captures one of the lodestone spirits visible on
many parts of the Web: The experience of the brainy, idiosyncratic,
out-of-sync outsider who suddenly finds himself or herself on the
inside, communicating and messaging, debating and inventing, explaining
and understanding the machinery that everybody else needs....