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CobraBoy (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 18:35:49 -0700

At 3:04 PM -0700 6/4/98, came up with this:

See again you're way out of line. My little post detailing my adventures in
Vegas is regarded as one of the great posts in the history of FoRK, if not
in the history of the Internet. If not the #1 post certainly in the top

Now I'm sure that I wrote up the Intel bash at Internet world a couple of
years ago, but Dan swears that I didn't. Since you seem to like the Vegas
post enough to be motivated to express your regards of my talent I would be
happy to write up that little party.

So be careful where you tread Diva, while you might not appreciate my
carnal efforts, those efforts are what has endeared CobraBoy to many on
this list.

> 4) However, the "honour"


> CobraBoy truly outdid himself.


> the tales of lust and corruption that you
> have posted for all the world to find. The fact that you have
> an unsubstantiated prejudice against Canadians is nothing compared
> to some of your more colourful posts!

Alan Thicke, Pam Anderson, Brett Hart, need I go on?

> no doubt, in time they will be there alongside Tim's tale of Vegas

So far no post from Diva measures up to CobraBoy in Vegas (soon to be a
major motion picture)


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

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