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Bhadha Atomic Research Center?!

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Microsoft Research (BARC) (Bay Area Research Center)

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Indian Nuclear Center Admits Hacker Break-In

****Indian Nuclear Center Admits Hacker Break-In 06/04/98 TOKYO,
JAPAN, 1998 JUN 4 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams, Newsbytes. Officials at
an Indian nuclear research center have confirmed their computer
network was infiltrated by a group of hackers and that the electronic
mail system was accessed. "It's all taken care of, there's nothing to
worry about," an official of the Bhadha Atomic Research Center (BARC)
told Newsbytes by telephone.

The official confirmed the claims of the a group of hackers calling
themselves "Milw0rm" who said they managed to breach network security
at BARC, change the Web home page and download five megabytes worth of
e-mail and data.