Re: FW: the *other* BARC [FW: Indian Nuclear Center Admits Hacker Bre ak-In]

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:27:42 -0700

> Bhadha Atomic Research Center?!
> - Joe
> Microsoft Research (BARC) (Bay Area Research Center)

Everything's interconnected. 8-) Names are just
the things we use to tell them apart.

Like true crackers, the first reports they leaked
intimated that they had broken into it before
the world heard about the first detonations, but the
timelines show that they only decided to do it afterwards.
Anyone can crack a computer, it's deciding which ones
are important and when that's the hard part.

I have no love lost for the good ol' US intelligence
agencies, but I think these guys actually did them
a huge disservice. The number one rule of anything,
journalism, internships, cracking, funding:

Never blow your source.


Some other quotes:

If you're gonna amass data which can take [so] many lives ...
at least secure it. -- A cracker who claims to have broken
into e-mail between Indian nuclear weapons researchers

The three said that they had erased all data on
two of BARC's servers as a protest against that nation's
nuclear weapons development program.