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CobraBoy (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 16:48:12 -0700

At 2:44 PM -0700 6/6/98, Gregory Alan Bolcer came up with this:

> "Akira Kurosawa's multi-award winning masterpiece! The story, in
> Kurosawa's words, "Goes into the depths of the human heart as
> if with a surgeon's scalpel, laying bare its dark complexities
> and bizarre twists." A man is murdered, his wife is raped by a
> bandit. Kurosawa uses a stunning flashback technique to tell four
> different versions of what occurred. Sensuous imager and dramatic
> actions combine in this profound explorations of the QUICKSILVER
> NATURE OF THE TRUTH [emp. mine].

I have never liked Quicksilver. Body Golve used to make some nice things,
and of course in the really old skool you had Hang Ten, but now a days I
prefer Billabong, Dickies, and Fila. The truth is Quicksilvers stuff is
pretty poorly made for he price and not what I would consider the truth by
any means.



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