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> Re:
> >You guys are missing the high dollar trend: Sport Utility Vehicles.
> >Anyone care to speculate on the percentage that actually make it
> >offroad?
> I won't speculate on the number that make it offroad, but I will comment
>on the
> number of undergrads on our campus who have been given a SUV by Mommy and
> so that they can drive the mile or so between their dorms and classes!
> As I was parking my modest little Dodge Neon in the campus parking lot
> yesterday morning I was suddenly overwhelmed to realize that in my
>parking row
> that has 20 slots there were 17 SUV's!

Well there is no reason why the auto makers are going to stop marketing
these. I believe Jeep makes something like $12K profit on every Grand
Cherokee. I'm sure the Expedition is about the same. Look for SUV's to
become even more "car" like. The next generation are going to be lower to
make access easier. So their goes the camping trip.



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