Re: The death of Rhapsody

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Sun, 7 Jun 98 16:41:41 -0700

Of course, I can not comment publicly on Tim's interpretation of =
motives and facts.

> At 3:20 PM -0700 6/7/98, Jim Whitehead came up with this:
> > So, in the end, Rhapsody is three things: a) a brilliant publicity
> > move, b) a successful mechanism to get Steve Jobs re-engaged with
> > Apple, and c) the death blow to NeXT. However, lovers of BeOS and
> > Linux beware, the network effects exerted by MacOS overcame the
> > technical superiority of Rhapsody.

On the other hand, I would advise you to withold technical judgement =
until you see what we actually deliver (vs. the high-level marketing =
speak), lest ye gather unfertilized chicken embryos on your cranial =
frontal sensory area.

> Well Rhapsody is pretty brilliant. See this is what actually =
> Wow! that Steve guy is pretty smart. So now Mac OS-X is totally =
> compliant?
> Yep.
> Tim=