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Steve Nordquist (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 15:23:02 -0500

Lisa Dusseault (Exchange) wrote:

> Club Zed.
> Oh, now there's a way to free namespace 0007>>NaughtZedNaughtSevener

> Canada has 10 times more doughnut stores per capita than the US.

And at least 10% more frozen gas pumps, fiberglass repair kits and space
heaters.Is this the future of capitalist/communist Tibet?

> block away from a doughnut store -- but the doughnuts are so pasty and soggy
> I can't eat them. I miss that slight crunch of the exterior and flaky
> interior of a real Canadian doughnut.

What about getting drop-sugar fruit (fried and dipped in melted sugar)
orrice-dipped donuts? They fend off sogginess pretty well, and you can put
vinegar on them, though vinegar and jimmies.... I can see how grass jello
would get boring fast....