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Yeah, I'm a shreddie smuggler too. And clamato. I don't smuggle coffee
though, Seattle coffee is quite good enough.

I thought of more things I miss when I went to lunch:

- CBC and particular CBC personalities/shows: morningside, Gabereau, Basic
- CityTV, with its great movies, and I love the voice of the CityTV
announcer (Mark Daly?)
- Canadian coverage of world news, particularly the Globe & Mail (Eric & I
are cancelling our subscription to the Seattle Times due to its poor
coverage of world news and also its promotion of pseudoscience like
handwriting analysis and tarot reading)
- Less of a car culture: Fewer SUVs (though maybe that has changed), more
- Don't even get me started on politics, the parliamentary system vs.
two-party system.
- People who come to a party within a couple hours of when they were
invited (or is that a left-coast thing?)


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Believe it or not, I actually "smuggle" Shreddies across the border with
me every time I make a trip home. I also have all my friends and family
trained to bring me a box every time they come to visit me (I also
bring across tins of Tim Horton's coffee)! Thus far I
have managed to have an almost continual supply of Shreddies...
"MMMM..mmmm.... Good, Good Whole Wheat Shreddies!" Shreddies Rule!
I miss seeing Freddie and Eddie in their commercial adventures!

>Dave and President's Choice, especially the sauces

Tops grocery store, a northern NY chain, has started to carry President's
Choice products. When I discovered this, there was much rejoicing.

Another word for the list of Canadianisms:

Toque (One day last fall it got very cold all of sudden. As I left work
that evening I commented that I wish I had brought my toque with me. My
co-workers looked at me oddly.... seems they had never heard of toque