Re: U.S. used nerve gas during Vietnam War, CNN-Time report

John Boyer (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 16:20:24 -0500

At 04:32 PM 6/8/98 -0400, RST wrote:
>John Boyer writes:
> > If this is true, what does that say about the US condemnation of the
> > behavior in Afganistan and Sadam's treatment of the Kirds?
>That the United States government is, at times, extremely

Well, I think the only appropriate action is for Clinton to tearfully
apologize for this republican atrocity while standing under a picture of
Mao in Tiananmen square.


> > BTW, Isn't it Sarin that smells like almonds. And how do they know that
> > anyway?
>I thought that was supposed to be true of cyanide, but I can't claim
>any real expertise (some things I'd rather not know). The answer, in
>any case, is sub-lethal doses.

Inode, That was just a bad attempt at a joke on my part.