Re: Canada quiz

Sally Khudairi (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 17:52:15 +0200

Of course not. One man's budget is another man's extravagance.

I've only seen President's Choice as the house label [actually secondary
in-house label for Star Mkts -- the *upscale* brand vs. the Star brand];
not standalone.

So it's a step above -- although it's a budget line, it's not lacking in
quality. Their packaging, on the whole, is rather calm and tasteful,
unlike the SweetLife line of products -- have you seen that? Revolting

- SaL'

Jeff Bone wrote:
> We've even got President's Choice down here in Texas. Weird thing, tho,
> PC is actually kind of regarded as a sort of budget brand down here...
> have we got it all wrong?