RE: [VOID] My brain is melting...

CobraBoy (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:35:16 -0700

At 11:14 AM -0700 6/11/98, Rohit Khare came up with this:

> It should surprise no one to realize that for the last three months,
> at least, and probably since I moved back to California, I have become
> a spectator on FoRK.
> It's not just FoRK, though, that I'm abdicating -- no more book reviews or
> clippings from the technical media or technological rants about
> convergent technology -- it's my entire intellectual life.


> Dry not your crocodile tears, though. I realize these are problems I'd
>kill to
> have had a few years ago.
> Back behind the green curtain,
> Rohit

Would you like some cheese with your whine?



Most catastrophes occurr from a long series of small unrelated, yet uncontrollable failures.

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