[NYT] Donut Shop Holdups, and a Mr. Duncan is Held...

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 03:16:02 -0700

> Donut shops in Manhattan suffered a string of robberies with the
> same M.O. So police decided to stake out several Dunkin' Donuts
> hoping to catch the holdup men.

No, that's not the punch line. Here's the whole story from the NY
-- Adam

By MICHAEL COOPER, The New York Times, June 11, 1998

The homonym was not lost on the Police Department: The man arrested
Tuesday night in the robbery of eight Dunkin' Donuts shops in Manhattan
over the last two months was named Douglas Duncan.

Mr. Duncan was arrested as he and an accomplice tried to rob a Dunkin'
Donuts shop at 412 Third Avenue near 29th Street, said Detective Mark
Patterson, a police spokesman. As Mr. Duncan pulled out a knife and
announced a robbery, he was stopped by Officers Kevin Buell and Teddy
Lauterdorn of the 13th Precinct.

The police took pains to point out that the arresting officers were
staking out the shop in the hopes of preventing a robbery.

Eight Dunkin' Donuts shops have been robbed since April. Each
report of the robber and his method was the same. "He'd come in, order
a doughnut, and when the register was opened he'd make a grab for the
money," said Sgt. Randall Bush of the Manhattan Robbery
Squad. "Sometimes he'd show a knife."

So officers were given a sketch of the suspect and dispatched to
doughnut shops around Manhattan. "Everybody was volunteering for that
job," another police official said jokingly.

Mr. Duncan, 24, and his accomplice were arrested at 5:10pm yesterday and
put in line-ups. Mr. Duncan confessed to robbing all eight shops, the
police said.

He was arraigned yesterday on charges of robbing the shop on Third
Avenue, but he could face additional charges, said Wayne Brison, a
spokesman for the Manhattan District Attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau.

The police identified his accomplice as Howard Johnson, 43. They said
they did not believe that Mr. Johnson took part in any other doughnut
robberies. And they said there was no indication that he had robbed any
of his namesake restaurants.


Well, while you're sitting there, why don't you think me up a cup of
coffee and one of those chocolate donuts with sprinkles...
-- The Fugitive