RE: The Nice Guy Syndrome

CobraBoy (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:05:17 -0700

At 11:20 AM -0700 6/12/98, Joe Barrera came up with this:

> > problem bucko. You gave her everything. You should have come home, bent
> her
> > over the couch, did her then told her to get you a drink. As strange as
> Okay, so we've heard from CobraBoy, the FoRK character.
> How much of that does Tim Byars, the actual human being, believe?

In that, Tim and CobraBoy are in almost complete agreement. The difference
between the two is CobraBoy is on 1000% of the time. Tim the person is only
about 40-60% *on*.



Most catastrophes occurr from a long series of small unrelated, yet uncontrollable failures.

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