World Porn Conference

Jim Whitehead (
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:12:11 -0700

This one has "Cobra Boy" written all over it :-)

The World Pornography Conference will be held at the Sheraton Universal
Hotel in
Universal City, CA., August 6-9.

It is sponsored by CSU Northridge which last year did two conferences, one
on prostitution and another on asian sexualities.

Though academic in nature (this isn't an industry trade show), it does
feature sessions like:

History of Erotic Films from the Beginning to the Present

There will be a continuous showing of films making up the genre known as
erotic or pornographic films beginning with the earliest and presenting
classics up to the present. Since not every film could be presented, our
panel selected what we considered a good representation of the period. The
film schedule will be found in the final program. The award winning erotic
films will also be shown on Saturday evening.

This is probably worth the $100+ cost of admission alone.

There is also a paper titled, "A Short History of Sex Toys: With An
Extrapolation for the New Century," and for those who are "getting jiggie
with it", a panel titled, "Australia: The 'Down Under' Perspective on

There are also a large number of women presenters, for example, "An
Architectural Design for an "Erotic Zone" in a Major Metropolitian City: The
Case for Winnipeg, Canada" by Christina Kovacs, Department of Architecture,
Univ. of Manitoba, Canada.

- Jim