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Interesting scam?

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check it out.

they don't ask for any info but your e-mail address, so the worst they
could do is send you junk mail. their plan makes sense to me - I assume
the shares are going to be almost worthless, so that makes it worth their
while to advertise in this manner ...

be sure to mention my email address for the reference email:

I gotta look out for #1...

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Go to

This is a new company that will be competing with Travelocity and
travel service. They are not public yet but when (and if) they do become
public, you could own shares of this company. 700,000 free shares are
being given away to people who visit their website.

Once at the website, click on "continue" until you get to a screen that
says "Become co-owner sign-up for free shares" in the upper right hand
corner. Then keep clicking to register for a PIN number. They will email
you a PIN number within a minute to your email address.

Once you get a PIN number, go back to the website and register for
the free shares. When you are at the Reference e-mail, use my address
(listed above). I will supposedly get more free shares.

Send it to your friends and ask them to use your name as a reference.

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