Hello world.

Pathfinder Guy! (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 23:50:15 -0700

Yes it is true. CobraBoy! (tm) has acquired an SUV. Of course CobraBoy led
the hole SUV parade with his tricked Toyota SR-5 X-TraCab. Vigilant readers
of the archives will note that CobraBoy vowed never to own another Jqpenese
vehicle (by the people that brought you Pearl Harbour) yet he finds himself
cruising the sluts and speeders of Huntington Beach in a Japanese 4x4.

So, a brief FAQ to follow:

q. Where is the Cobra boy?

a. Still have it, parked for a few days in a friends garage in L.A.

q. So you gone yuppie or what CB?

a. fuckin'-a speedo. I got a Starbucks double lite cafe latte. a mountian
bike, and a SUV. Suck it.

q. Seriously doesn't this show your repressed homosexuality?

a. huh?

q. Everything you have is a penis symbol. 2 G3's a Cobra, a Pathfinder, new
wardrobe every season, etc.

a. I'm a guy. I don't know what else to say. I know what I like and I like
what I know.

q. So where is the picture of this new rig?

a. well as soon as I straighten up the screwed up html produced by
CyberStudio 3.0/Visual Page/HomePage 3.0 I'll put them on the stupid
Earthlink site. Which means 80% of you will get time out errors.

q. You're a sick man.

a. hey I wasn't born this way, it took a lot of work!



Nothing can stop me now cause I don't care anymore. NIN

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