Ben and Jerry's "Dilbert's World Totally Nuts Ice Cream".

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Fri, 19 Jun 1998 00:15:27 -0700

I'm surprised that Rohit and I were the first ones of us to discover
this, given the amount of ice cream fans out there and the amount of
Dilbert fans out there:

is included below...

And for those of you who simply must have the ultra-high resolution
4.3-Megabyte jpeg of this delectable for their desktop, click your 14.4
modem on

And for you ice cream eating researchers who want to wallpaper your
windows with the Dilbert's World logo, click on

This is the only Dilbert product ever to...

> "The thing that's special about this is that it's the first Dilbert
> product that doesn't have any bitterness," said Dilbert creator Scott
> Adams.

It's also the first United Media item featured on United Airlines, and
damn if Rohit isn't irked that it's not a first-class regular.

Full text of the April 1 announcement follows...

> Burlington, VT (April 1, 1998) -- Ben & Jerry's April Fool's Day
> surprise literally "took off" today, in true Dilbert style. As part of
> the national launch of the newest Ben & Jerry's flavor, "Dilbert's
> Worldny teamed up with United Airlines to recognize real life workers
> and offer them a break from their "totally nuts" world. Named in honor
> of everyone's favorite cubicle dwelling comic strip hero, the new
> flavor, "Dilbert's Worldoasted hazelnuts, praline pecans, and white
> fudge coated almonds. Upon arrival at the United Airlines gate, business
> commuters on select flights were given a fun April Fool's surprise when
> Ben & Jerry's cut them a check on the spot for the average ticket price
> of their flight, and dished out free samples of the new flavor. In
> homage to Dilbert's "totally nuts" work environment, Ben & Jerry's set
> up Dilbert-like office cubicles at LaGuardia Airport in New York and Los
> Angeles International Airport to offer commuters a special April Fool's
> gift. "As we celebrate 20 years of doing business in our own way,"
> comments Mary Lou Kelley, Director of Product Marketing for Ben &
> Jerry's, "we salute Dilbert and his ability survive in a totally nuts
> workplace."
> "The thing that's special about this is that it's the first Dilbert
> product that doesn't have any bitterness," said Dilbert creator Scott
> Adams.
> "United Media is thrilled about our partnership with Ben & Jerry's and
> welcome them to Dilbert's roster of more than 100 licensees," said
> Jeanette Smith, Dilbert property manager.
> The launch event was a tightly guarded secret at Ben & Jerry's. Business
> travelers on both coasts were pleasantly surprised when they received
> the special April Fool's gift, along with the chance to be one of the
> first people to sample the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.
> "Ben & Jerry's is the leading name in the ice cream industry," says
> Larry DeShon, United Airlines director of onboard service - North
> America. "United is pleased to be associated with super premium
> products, such as Ben & Jerry's, that are in line with our overall
> marketing strategy to provide the best brand name products for our
> customers. Ben & Jerry's creative and exciting approach to ice cream is
> extremely popular among our customers and helps set United apart from
> the competition."
> Dilbert's Worldcery stores nationwide, as well as through Ben & Jerry's
> scoop shops. Dilbert is a copyright of United Media, and is syndicated
> to more than 1,700 newspapers reaching 150 million people around the
> world via its United Feature Syndicate.
> With service to 29 countries and one U.S. territory on five continents,
> United Airlines provides one of the most extensive inflight catering
> services in the world.
> In addition to offering brand name products such as Ben & Jerry's,
> United works in partnership with the Culinary Institute of America,
> Heart Smart and renowned culinary experts Sheila Lukins, Sam Choy and
> Martin Yan.
> Ben & Jerry's produces super premium ice cream, ice cream novelties,
> lowfat ice cream, lowfat yogurt, and sorbet using Vermont dairy
> products, Vermont Pureing Water, and high quality natural ingredients.
> Ben & Jerry's products are distributed nationwide and in selected
> foreign countries, in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores,
> franchised scoop shops, restaurants, and other venues.
> Press Contacts:
> Amy Gemellaro at Triple Dot Communications (617) 723-8929
> Brent Campbell at Ben & Jerry's (802) 651-9600 ext. 7706
> Diane Iselin at United Media (212) 293-8713
> Kristina Price at United Airlines (847) 700-2278
> Photos and video footage are available from Ben & Jerry's upon request.
> Photos may also be downloaded off the Internet from


But I'd like the pie heated, and I don't want the ice cream on the top,
I want it on the side and I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you
have it, if not then no ice cream, just whipped cream but only if it's
real; if it's out of a can, then nothing.
-- When Harry Met Sally

Why'd she bring up the vanilla? This is completely redundant... no,
NONdundant. It is completely irrelevant to the specification, so you
can factor it out of the equations on both sides... anyway, enough about
ontologies... goddammit, Adam, stop typing in everything I say and just
send the dammed thing...
-- Rohit Khare