Otosama o nerae, o filiae, et filo, ex HA-SHARC.

Steve Nordquist (signa@tfs.net)
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 17:46:54 -0500

Joe Barrera wrote:

> Oh, come on. There are RTF viewers and editors for every platform I know

ATM, gaspump, GIS, that LAND systems thing, Cisco, that hack on Fujistsuand the
Tandem RTF Concurrent Session...that covers it.
I was at a tennis machine the other day, taking a beating, and wouldn't
you know it the english on the ball was RTF. I was flabbergasted, up
until the tennis machine repair guy made rounds later, sharing and
reusing documents, and I stopped popping balls.
What should I install on the Amiga or Palmpilot? I do realize that the OMG
has a pat way to interpret it, but I got a bad hallucination the last time I
their spec.

> > You've suddenly realized that objects are here, and real! Well, good
> > morning and smell the Joe!

Objects and their bindings are here, loosely scattered among the hills.Sometimes
you step into one, and the binding closes for a bit until
you build a little tenuous speed and the tenuous binding slips just
from your sideways glance and you think you might want nastier hardware
or your own bindings if it weren't apparent that objects are slick and
subtle, unresponsive to a particular binding, the real sport.

> Perhaps you don't understand what I mean by real. I mean real as in on every
> PC on every desktop in every home and in every office.

You're using the BeInc and Nothingness pack by Sartre, right?I thought it had to
do with assembly language object abstraction layers thatfit in <<1GB, and the
growing use of register tagging by programmers
(as opposed to agnosticism) but -at least one- object is real, or nothing
would compile (and eat up all the CPU time!)

> (Or however that
> goes). I mean like we don't have to wait for apps to be rewritten in object
> form -- it's been done already.
> > That's why I keep
> > yelling at everyone that salvation lies in Virtual Synchrony
> > and Ken Birman, ultimately :-).

Her nerves!

> You know, I think one of the things I'm going to end up trying to do in my
> career is reconciling the Ken Birman virtual synchrony view of the world
> with the Jim Gray transactional view of the world.

Without installing Modula-3.

> ..... The nice thing about logging is that the needs to eliminate
> nondeterminism (such as thread scheduling and lock acquisition) and to
> synchronize of input (even just virtually), go away.

(!!) So, you go to the disk room with the ViaVoice headset
and find the unit whose seek control murmers in TeX, tape 'em
together, and you get reports out....

> Hey, wait a moment. We're geeks (yes, I'm speaking for y'all)

<ahem> I'm a shaman. Laughing with my mouth open is a necessarypart of the job,
like the server stability dance, the test rites and
the shearing of the process heap.