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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:42:39 -0700

> Oh, I'm quite sure god fears RTF, all right. Even
> God stands in trepidation before mighty MS. Admit it - you
> set yourself up for that one :).

RTF? This here's some really rich text below.


p.s. Don't worry about the format, it's correct.

Name, Rank, Country, Net Worth ($mil), Source of Wealth Abele, John E., 137(Tie), U.S., 2,400, medical devices Agnelli, Gianni and family, 121(Tie), Italy, 2,700, autos Al Rajhi, Abdullah Sulaiman, 89(Tie), Saudi Arabia, 3,500, banking Albrecht, Theo & Karl and family, 10, Germany, 11,700, retailing Al-Kharafi, Nasser, 69(Tie), Kuwait, 4,400, M. A. Al Kharafi & Sons Allen, Herbert A. Jr., 186(Tie), U.S., 1,600, Stock market Allen, Paul Gardner, 4, U.S., 21,000, Microsoft Corp. Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, 8, Saudi Arabia, 13,300, investments, construction, banking Ambani, Dhirubhai and family, 195(Tie), India, 1,500, diversified Angelini, Anacleto, 195(Tie), Chile, 1,500, fishing Anschutz, Philip F., 17(Tie), U.S., 8,800, oil, railroads Ardila Lulle, Carlos, 154(Tie), Colombia, 2,100, soft drinks, diversified Arison, Micky, 71(Tie), U.S., 4,300, Carnival Cruise Lines Arison, Theodore (Ted), 74(Tie), Israel, 4,000, Norweigan Caribbean CruiseLine Arnault, Bernard, 85(Tie), France,
3,600, luxury goods Asper, Israel, 174(Tie), Canada, 1,800, CanWest Global Communications Azcarraga Jean, Emilio and family, 89(Tie), Mexico, 3,500, media Azevedo, Belmiro, 154(Tie), Portugal, 2,100, retailing Ballmer, Steven Anthony, 11, U.S., 10,700, Microsoft Corp. Bass, Lee, Sid and Perry, 30(Tie), U.S., 6,600, oil, investments Bass, Robert Muse, 137(Tie), U.S., 2,400, oil, investments Bechtel, Stephen D. Jr. and Riley P., 104(Tie), U.S., 3,000, engineering, construction Beisheim, Otto, 50(Tie), Germany, 5,300, retailing Benetton, Luciano and family, 62(Tie), Italy, 4,700, apparel Berlusconi, Silvio, 27(Tie), Italy, 7,000, media Bertarelli, Ernesto, 74(Tie), Switzerland, 4,000, Ares-Serono Bin Mahfouz, Khalid, 130(Tie), Saudi Arabia, 2,500, banking, investments Blocher, Christoph, 161(Tie), Switzerland, 2,000, EMS Chemie Botin, Emilio and family, 15, Spain, 9,200, banking Bozano, Julio, 148(Tie), Brazil, 2,200, financial services, diversified Branson, Richard, 173, UK, 1,900, di
versified Bren, Donald L., 123(Tie), U.S., 2,600, real estate Brenninkmeyer family, 82, Netherlands, 3,800, retailing Bronfman, Charles R., 94(Tie), Canada, 3,300, Seagram Co. Bronfman, Edgar M. Sr., 92(Tie), U.S., 3,400, Seagram Co. Buffett, Warren Edward, 3, U.S., 33,000, Berkshire Hathaway Cargill family, 17(Tie), U.S., 8,800, Cargill Inc. Chen, Din Hwa, 174(Tie), Hong Kong, 1,800, real estate Cheng Yu-tung, 37(Tie), Hong Kong, 6,000, real estate Chung, Ju-yung and family, 195(Tie), Korea, 1,500, automobiles, diversified Cisneros, Gustavo, 154(Tie), Venezuela, 2,100, beverages, media Crown, Lester, 116(Tie), U.S., 2,800, conglomerateur David-Weill, Michel, 186(Tie), France, 1,600, finance Davis, Marvin H., 123(Tie), U.S., 2,600, oil, real estate Del Vecchio, Leonardo, 74(Tie), Italy, 4,000, eyewear Dell, Michael, 13(Tie), U.S., 10,000, Dell Computer Corp. Dumas-Hermes, Jean-Louis and family, 148(Tie), France, 2,200, Hermes International Ebner, Martin, 111(Tie), Switzerland, 2,900,
investments Ellison, Lawrence Joseph, 39(Tie), U.S., 5,800, Oracle Corp. Ermirio de Moraes, Antonio and family, 46(Tie), Brazil, 5,500, mining
50(Tie). Murdoch, Keith Rupert, U.S., 5,300, publishing 52(Tie). Langmann, Hans Joachim, Germany, 5,200, chemicals 52(Tie). Takei, Yasuo, Japan, 5,200, consumer finance 54(Tie). Johnson, Edward C. (Ned) and Abigail, U.S., 5,100, Fidelity Investments 54(Tie). Otto, Michael, Germany, 5,100, retailing 56(Tie). Koc, Rahmi and family, Turkey, 5,000, Koc Holding 56(Tie). Ng, Teng Fong and Robert, Singapore, 5,000, real estate 56(Tie). Rausing, Gad and family, Sweden, 5,000, packaging 56(Tie). Sabanci, Sakip and family, Turkey, 5,000, Haci Omer Sabanci Holding Company 60(Tie). Tisch, Laurence A. and Preston R., U.S., 4,800, Loews Corp. 60(Tie). Turner, Robert E. (Ted), U.S., 4,800, Turner Broadcasting 62(Tie). Benetton, Luciano and family, Italy, 4,700, apparel 62(Tie). Knight, Philip H., U.S., 4,700, Nike, Inc. 62(Tie). Kuok, Robert, Malaysia, 4,700, diversified 62(Tie). Perez Companc, Gregorio, Argentina, 4,700, Conglomerate 66. Johnson, Charles And Rupert, U.S
., 4,600, Franklin Resources 67(Tie). Ingram, Martha Robinson Rivers, U.S., 4,500, inheritance 67(Tie). von Finck, August & Wilhelm, Germany, 4,500, insurance (Allianz AG) 69(Tie). Al-Kharafi, Nasser, Kuwait, 4,400, M. A. Al Kharafi & Sons 69(Tie). Persson, Stefan, Sweden, 4,400, retailing 71(Tie). Arison, Micky, U.S., 4,300, Carnival Cruise Lines 71(Tie). Waitt, Theodore W., U.S., 4,300, Gateway 73. Schmidheiny, Stephan, Switzerland, 4,100, ABB 74(Tie). Arison, Theodore (Ted), Israel, 4,000, Norweigan Caribbean CruiseLine 74(Tie). Bertarelli, Ernesto, Switzerland, 4,000, Ares-Serono 74(Tie). Del Vecchio, Leonardo, Italy, 4,000, eyewear 74(Tie). Irving, James, Arthur and John, Canada, 4,000, diversified, including Irving Oil 74(Tie). Schoerghuber, Stefan, Germany, 4,000, services, breweries,construction, real estate 74(Tie). Suharto family, Indonesia, 4,000, investments 74(Tie). Widjaja, Eka Tjipta, Indonesia, 4,000, pulp and paper, food 81. Wang, Y.C., Taiwan, 3,900, Formos
a Plastics 82. Brenninkmeyer family, Netherlands, 3,800, retailing 83(Tie). Herz, Gnnter and family, Germany, 3,700, consumer products 83(Tie). Ito, Masatoshi, Japan, 3,700, retail 85(Tie). Arnault, Bernard, France, 3,600, luxury goods 85(Tie). Kinoshita, Kyosuke, Japan, 3,600, Acom 85(Tie). Soros, George, U.S., 3,600, money management 85(Tie). Ziff, Dirk, Robert and Daniel, U.S., 3,600, Ziff-Davis Publishing 89(Tie). Al Rajhi, Abdullah Sulaiman, Saudi Arabia, 3,500, banking 89(Tie). Azcarraga Jean, Emilio and family, Mexico, 3,500, media 89(Tie). Mittal, Lakshmi, India, 3,500, steel 92(Tie). Bronfman, Edgar M. Sr., U.S., 3,400, Seagram Co. 92(Tie). Khoo Teck Puat, Singapore, 3,400, investments 94(Tie). Bronfman, Charles R., Canada, 3,300, Seagram Co. 94(Tie). Mori, Minoru and Akira, Japan, 3,300, real estate 94(Tie). Perot, Henry Ross, U.S., 3,300, electronic data management 94(Tie). Safra, Edmond, Lebanon, 3,300, Republic Bank Corp 98(Tie). Packer, Kerry, Australia, 3,200, Publi
shing & Broadcasting Ltd. 98(Tie). Rocca, Roberto and family, Argentina, 3,200, diversified 98(Tie). Salinas Pliego, Ricardo and family, Mexico, 3,200, media, retailing 101(Tie). Latsis, Spiro, Greece, 3,100, European Financial Group 101(Tie). Mendoza, Leonor and family, Venezuela, 3,100, beer, food 101(Tie). Wrigley, William, U.S., 3,100, chewing gum 104(Tie). Bechtel, Stephen D. Jr. and Riley P., U.S., 3,000, engineering, construction 104(Tie). Hillman, Henry Lea, U.S., 3,000, industrialist 104(Tie). Huntsman, Jon Meade, U.S., 3,000, plastics, chemicals 104(Tie). Kirch, Leo and Thomas, Germany, 3,000, media 104(Tie). Mohn, Reinhard and family, Germany, 3,000, media 104(Tie). Oetker, Rudolf and family, Germany, 3,000, diversified 104(Tie). Tan Yu, Philippines, 3,000, real estate 111(Tie). Ebner, Martin, Switzerland, 2,900, investments 111(Tie). Iwasaki, Fukuzo, Japan, 2,900, Iwasaki Sangyo 111(Tie). Louis-Dreyfus, Gerard and family, France, 2,900, commodities trading 111(Tie). Schr
oder, Bruno and family, UK, 2,900, Schroders Plc 111(Tie). Zambrano, Lorenzo, Mexico, 2,900,
cement 116(Tie). Crown, Lester, U.S., 2,800, conglomerateur 116(Tie). Ho, Stanley, Hong Kong, 2,800, casinos, transport, hotels 116(Tie). Johnson, Samuel Curtis, U.S., 2,800, S.C. Johnson & Son 116(Tie). Kwek Leng Beng, Singapore, 2,800, diversified 116(Tie). von Holtzbrinck, Dieter and family, Germany, 2,800, publishing 121(Tie). Agnelli, Gianni and family, Italy, 2,700, autos 121(Tie). Garza Laguera, Eugenio and family, Mexico, 2,700, beverages, banking 123(Tie). Bren, Donald L., U.S., 2,600, real estate 123(Tie). Davis, Marvin H., U.S., 2,600, oil, real estate 123(Tie). Goodnight, James, U.S., 2,600, software 123(Tie). Hostetter, Amos Barr Jr., U.S., 2,600, Continental Cablevision 123(Tie). Kamprad, Ingvar, Sweden, 2,600, Ikea 123(Tie). Lerner, Alfred, U.S., 2,600, banking 123(Tie). Marriott, John and Richard W., U.S., 2,600, hotels 130(Tie). Bin Mahfouz, Khalid, Saudi Arabia, 2,500, banking, investments 130(Tie). Fok, Henry, Hong Kong, 2,500, casinos,
real estate, hotels 130(Tie). Matsuda, Kazuo, Japan, 2,500, consumer finance 130(Tie). Nicholas, Peter M., U.S., 2,500, Medical Devices 130(Tie). Sarmiento Angulo, Luis Carlos, Colombia, 2,500, banking 130(Tie). Schmidheiny, Thomas, Switzerland, 2,500, Holderbank 130(Tie). Simplot, John R., U.S., 2,500, potatoes 137(Tie). Abele, John E., U.S., 2,400, medical devices 137(Tie). Bass, Robert Muse, U.S., 2,400, oil, investments 137(Tie). Fribourg, Michel, U.S., 2,400, grain trader 137(Tie). Greenberg, Maurice Raymond, U.S., 2,400, American International Group 137(Tie). Itoyama,Eitaro, Japan, 2,400, Shin Nihon Kanko 137(Tie). Moller, Maersk Mc-kinney, Denmark, 2,400, shipping 137(Tie). Oppenheimer, Nicky and family, South Africa, 2,400, Anglo AmericanCorp., DeBeers 137(Tie). Romo Garza, Alfonso, Mexico, 2,400, Empresas La Moderna 145(Tie). Goldschmeding, Frits, Netherlands, 2,300, temporary staffing 145(Tie). Kristiansen, Kjeld Kirk, Denmark, 2,300, Lego 145(Tie). Wexner, Leslie Her
bert, U.S., 2,300, The Limited 148(Tie). Bozano, Julio, Brazil, 2,200, financial services, diversified 148(Tie). Dumas-Hermes, Jean-Louis and family, France, 2,200, Hermes International 148(Tie). Sahenk, Ayhan and family, Turkey, 2,200, Garanti Bank 148(Tie). Son, Masayoshi, Japan, 2,200, software 148(Tie). Sorenson, James L., U.S., 2,200, medical devices 148(Tie). Ty, George, Philippines, 2,200, banking 154(Tie). Ardila Lulle, Carlos, Colombia, 2,100, soft drinks, diversified 154(Tie). Azevedo, Belmiro, Portugal, 2,100, retailing 154(Tie). Cisneros, Gustavo, Venezuela, 2,100, beverages, media 154(Tie). Hunt, Ray Lee, U.S., 2,100, oil and gas 154(Tie). Sy, Henry, Philippines, 2,100, shopping malls 154(Tie). Wertheimer, Alain, France, 2,100, luxury goods 154(Tie). Wonowidjojo family, Indonesia, 2,100, tobacco 161(Tie). Blocher, Christoph, Switzerland, 2,000, EMS Chemie 161(Tie). Geffen, David, U.S., 2,000, music 161(Tie). Gonda, Leslie L. and Louis L., U.S., 2,000, International L
ease Finance Co. 161(Tie). Hsu, Douglas, Taiwan, 2,000, Far Eastern Group 161(Tie). Huizenga, Harry Wayne, U.S., 2,000, Blockbuster Entertainment 161(Tie). Icahn, Carl Celian,
U.S., 2,000, finance 161(Tie). Lauren, Ralph, U.S., 2,000, fashion 161(Tie). Lim Goh Tong, Malaysia, 2,000, diversified 161(Tie). Lucas, George, U.S., 2,000, Movies, special effects 161(Tie), Saba Raffoul, Isaac and family, Mexico, 2,000, textiles, chemicals, real estate 161(Tie), Soares dos Santos, Alexandre, Portugal, 2,000, retailing 161(Tie). Taylor, Jack Crawford, U.S., 2,000, auto rental 173. Branson, Richard, UK, 1,900, diversified 174(Tie). Asper, Israel, Canada, 1,800, CanWest Global Communications 174(Tie). Chen, Din Hwa, Hong Kong, 1,800, real estate 174(Tie). Kamel, Saleh, Saudi Arabia, 1,800, Dallah Albaraka 174(Tie). Oshima, Kenshin, Japan, 1,800, finance 174(Tie). Rockefeller, David Sr., U.S., 1,800, inheritance (oil) 174(Tie). Rothschild family, France/UK, 1,800, Rothschilds Continuation Holdings 174(Tie). Rowling, Robert, U.S., 1,800, oil and gas 174(Tie). Swire, Sir Adrian & Sir John, UK, 1,800, aviation, real estate,diversified 182(Tie). Koo, Jeffrey and famil
y, Taiwan, 1,700, banking, diversified 182(Tie). Liem Sioe Liong, Indonesia, 1,700, food, banking, diversified 182(Tie). Otsuka, Masahito, Japan, 1,700, pharmaceuticals 182(Tie). Zell, Samuel, U.S., 1,700, real estate 186(Tie). Allen, Herbert A. Jr., U.S., 1,600, stock market 186(Tie). David-Weill, Michel, France, 1,600, finance 186(Tie). Kuo, Terry, Taiwan, 1,600, PC Components 186(Tie). Lowy, Frank, Australia, 1,600, Westfield Holdings 186(Tie), Potanin, Vladimir, Russia, 1,600, banking, oil, metals, telecommunications 186(Tie), Rothermere, Viscount, UK, 1,600, Daily Mail & General Trust 186(Tie). Schmid, Gerhard, Germany, 1,600, MobilCom AG 186(Tie). Tan, Lucio, Philippines, 1,600, tobacco, airlines, beer 186(Tie). Weston, Garry and family, UK, 1,600, Associated British Foods 195(Tie). Ambani, Dhirubhai and family, India, 1,500, diversified 195(Tie). Angelini, Anacleto, Chile, 1,500, fishing 195(Tie). Chung, Ju-yung and family, Korea, 1,500, automobiles, diversified 195(Tie).
O'Reilly, Anthony, Ireland, 1,500, Heinz, Waterford 195(Tie). Santo Domingo, Julio Mario, Colombia, 1,500, beer, diversified 195(Tie). Washington, Dennis, U.S., 1,500, mining, railroads