Re: A[VOID] Non-Nomadic Lowlife Codehackers [Was: One for Keith]

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:02:58 -0400

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. wrote:
> > (Hmm. I just checked, and couldn't find it online - just
> > a Bibtex reference. If you want, let me know and I'll email
> > you the .ps file).
> Ooh, ooh, me too, please. I have a cargo-777-load of catching up to do (like
> reading all the 'back-issue' of Disturbed-Objects), and I'd like to add that
> to my pile.

Ok, I've just sent it to you.

> There's an OO-based experiment at UT called CLEO/NILE, but
> there's no guarantee it would scale to our size.

Heh heh. It's a small world.

CORBA, Fault tolerance, etc. I first ran across NILE almost
2 years ago. They are (were? - haven't checked recently) using
Silvano Maffeis' Electra as their core ORB. In fact, I think
they're one of the key Electra user communities around.

Aleta Ricciardi is a Cornell grad, with lots of joint papers
with Birman etc. Hmm, looking at
I see Birman and Keith Marzullo are both listed as being
personally involved in NILE. Those are the 2 "big names"
I see on that list.

And, on a more FoRKish "interconnectedness of all things" note,
Aleta's husband, who is also a NILE collaborator
(in fact, listed as "Project Coordinator"), is Mike Ogg.
He, it turns out, used to be a physics professor at
Carleton U in Ottawa, where I went to school and where
my dad still teaches. So, Mike is "an old friend of the family",
who suddenly showed up in my CORBA/FT context quite out of the blue
2 years ago. I emailed him at the time, and that's when
he was telling me they were going with Electra.

> But, general interests aside, the more personal interest is that, effective 3
> weeks hence, I'm moving back into the software side of things, after having
> done system administration/design/troubleshooting for the last decade. Yay!
> I might even have to delurk eventually.

That would be fun! Well, if you want to learn what all that
CORBA/Java/distributed objects stuff is about, I teach that for
a living now (hint, hint :-).