Re: Microsoft stock surges on ruling

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 10:48:33 -0700

> June 23 - Microsoft is the stock to watch early afternoon Tuesday. Shares in
> the software giant are surging on news the U.S. Court of Appeals has
> overturned an injunction against the company, CNBC reports.
> THE APPEALS COURT overturned an injunction that prevented Microsoft - which
> is a partner in MSNBC - from requiring computer manufacturers who use its
> operating system to also use its Internet browser. In a broad ruling, the
> appeals court decided 2-to-1 that a lower court was wrong in imposing the
> injunction.
> :-)

Yes, and according to Clinton
as long as the ecomony is good, you can overlook
all sorts of ethical misdemeanors, misgivings, meanderings,
and misightings.


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