RE: [VOID] Pandapeople

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:56:46 -0700

> answered) I'm pretty sure I've seen a guy dressed up in a zebra suit
> standing outside of Zebra copies every day across the street from
> Stanford on El Camino. So, Ron, you should just drag the poor girl

Yes, you have.

That would be the Zebra copies that was formally Polly & Jakes, this
decrepit antique store that was there for years, on the corner of El Camino
and Page Mill. That stretch of Page Mill (between El Camino and Foothill) is
really the birthplace of Silicon Valley. My Dad worked for years at HP Labs
on that stretch. And of course, just South of Page Mill on El Camino, one
can turn left into the Palo Alto Fry's. And there's a McDonald's there, and
just North a bit is the Stanford Shopping Center (which is really pretty
nice). So what better place to bring a date, really? (No, Ron, this isn't
advice for you. :-)

- Joe

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